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One Hope Wines

One Hope Winery is built on hope and rooted in purpose. Like most stories worth telling, One Hope's starts with a group of friends, humble beginnings, and a skyward vision.

While working for some of the world’s largest wineries, they all felt an undeniable calling to do good. What started with 168 cases and a white pick-up truck has grown to become a state-of-the-art flagship winery in the heart of Napa Valley.

One Hope's founders could see firsthand just how much impact a bottle of wine can have. They began hosting wine tastings to raise money for important causes, encouraging and inspiring others to do the same.

One Hope is now one of the largest direct-to-consumer wineries in the world and has proudly donated over $8 million to local and global causes.

Award-winning One Hope wines are made from the finest grapes sourced from world-renowned winemaking regions. One Hope's commitment to quality is as strong as their commitment to the causes they support.

The ONEHOPE Foundation gives to organizations that provide greater access to water, hunger relief, health, and education. The ONEHOPE Foundation also actively supports local non-profits across the country.

Have a look at my One Hope website to help a non-profit of your choice.

Small Biz Networking - Flemington NJ

Wine is bottled poetry.

Robert Louis Stevenson
Small Biz Networking - Flemington NJ
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